Wine Appreciation Course

Wine Appreciation Course

Now after 39th year.   Retired.                      

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  • Certified Wine Educator (CWE)
  • Over 39 years teaching experience
  • Conducted 27 Wine Tours


    A heartfelt thank you, to all the many, many people who have enrolled in my wine appreciation classes. (Since 1976)   Or who signed up for my wine tastings.   Also the ones who joined my wine trips. Going back to 1985.   Lastly, the ones who just wanted to enjoy good wine!

          Feel Free to contact me at any time E-mail me.

  • Located in Yardley, Bucks County, PA.
  • I have instructed over 3,200 students, sampled over 35,000 wines (Parker has tasted 350,000) and toured over 325 wineries and vineyards in 20 countries on 5 continents.
  • After teaching the wine class for 30 years for Neshaminy Adult Education, Inc., they went out of business. The class however continued, at several new locations with a few changes. The class continued with the Pennsbury Community School presented by the Pennsbury School District.
  • Nine week course, (Plus Optional Champagne Party) covering winemaking, label language; a mastery of the presentation and serving of wines; and judging for appearance, aroma, bouquet and taste. The class learned how to choose and store wines. Also decanting wines, Port tongs, Vintage Port and of course Sabrage.
  • The class has covered tasting wines from the major wine areas of France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and USA. Blind tastings and much more.

                                    (My You Tube interview on the PLCB 18%, Johnstown Flood Tax)                                                  

                                                        Wine Shipping Laws, State by State. PA

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  • Fall 2017 Semester begins Sept. 27th. - New Day - Wednesday, Time 6:45 to 8:45.
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  • Go to the registration website.   Enrollment is now Closed.  
  • You may pay on line with: or mail in a check.
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  • For more information contact Pennsbury Community School.

    Calendar of Upcoming Events.

    Wine Links For Vintage Charts, Wine Laws, Wine Maps, Wine Magazines and other useful wine information.

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    Wine class history. In the past, our classes have been held at: Carl Sandburg Middle School, Parkland Fire house, Bolton Mansion, Hulmeville Fire House, Langhorne American Legion, Wild Violets Tea Garden Cafe, Yardley Makefield Fire Company and finally McCaffrey's Supermarket (Meeting Room).

                    Spring 2011 Sabrage and Spring 2012 on

                    Fall 2012 see 1006 & 0995 Six more videos, thanks to Dennis Ferry. 1 2 3 4 5 6

                Spring 2013, youtube videos, thanks to Dennis Ferry. 1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

  • Get the latest Google Wine News
  • Check out The Internet Wine Guide.
  • How to taste wine Page.
  • Some interesting wine facts and quotes here.
  • A list of all the states Liquor Laws.

                                                                                      Past Class Pictures Below     Final night you tube Tribute. Courtesy of Dennis Ferry.

                        Spring '14     Fall '14     Spring '15     Fall '15     Port Tongs & Decanting/You Tube


    E-mail me.           - - Next Super Tuscans with out Sangiovese     Only 3 seats left.

  • 2018 Super Tuscans with out Sangiovese
  • 2017 High End Champagne Tasting    
  • 2017 A sampling of older Bordeaux Greats.
  • 2017 Bastille Day
  • 2017 A Study in Syrah
  • 2017 High End Italy
  • 2016 Calif. High End Cabs.
  • 2016 Chateauneuf-du-Pape re-visited.
  • 2016 Bastille Day Party
  • 2016 Eclectic Paso Robles  
  • 2016 2005 Bordeaux Horizontal
  • 2016 Justin Isosceles Vertical Tasting
  • 2015 Barolo Tasting
  • 2015 Amarone Tasting                                                                   2016 A Fine Wine Dinner
  • 2015 Pinot Smackdown.
  • 2014 The very best of the Rhone.
  • 2014 Best of Old & New World Cabs.
  • 2014 Angelo Gaja Tasting
  • 2014 Dessert Wine Tasting
  • 2013 Bordeaux 2008 Horizontal Tasting
  • 2013 Bastille Day Party
  • 2013 Styles of Burgundy,
  • 2013 Australian Triple Vertical,
  • 2013 The top Cult Super Tuscans
  • 2012 Top California Cabs. of the 90's.
  • 2012 Wine blending contest.
  • 2012 Sin with Zin Party
  • 2012 Barolo Tasting
  • 2012 Grand Cru Bordeaux Tasting
  • 2012 2001 Calif. Horizontal Tasting
  • 2011 Amarone Tasting
  • 2011 Don Melchor Tasting
  • 2010 Brunello Di Montalcino Tasting
  • 2010 Flora Springs Tasting                                       2016 Southern Caribbean Cruise
  • 2010 Big Bottle Party                                               2015 Northern Sonoma Field Trip
  • 2010 Grand Cru Burgundy Tasting.                       2015 Eastern Caribbean Cruise
  • 2010 Cims de Porrera, Classic, Vertical.                 2014   North Fork Field Trip
  • 2009 Barolo Tasting.                                               2014 NOLA & Western Caribbean Cruise
  • 2009 Dry Creek, Mini Tasting                                 2013 Virginia Wine Tour, field trip.
  • 2009 Bastille Day Celebration                                 2013 Winter Southern Caribbean Cruise
  • 2009 A Blind Pinot Noir Tasting                             2012 Paso Robles Field Trip
  • 2009 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Tasting                       2012 Winter Caribbean Cruise
  • 2009 Red Carpet Dinner                                         2011 Tuscany & Umbria Tour
  • 2009 (2003) Bordeaux Horizontal Tasting             2011 Winter Cruise & Florida
  • 2008 (1997) Italian Horizontal Tasting                 2010 Mexican Riviera & Temecula Tour
  • 2008 Bastille Day Celebration                               2009 Eastern Mediterranean Tour  
  • 2008 Turley Wine Cellars Tasting.                       2008, Sideways Wine Tour , Santa Barbara
  • 2008, Oldies Great Cab. Sauv. Tasting                 2007,Spain & Portugal Tour
  • 2007, Dehlinger Vertical Tasting                         2006 winetour in France.
  • 2007,Bastille Day Celebration                             2005 winetour in California.
  • 2007,Burgess Vertical Cab. Tasting                     2005 winetour in Avellino, Campania Italy.
  • 2006 Bastille Day Celebration
  • 2003, Steltzner Melchior
  • 2001, Sterling Vineyards, Vertical Tasting

                                                          Teaching my granddaughter Sabrage.

                                                          Teaching my grandson Sabrage.

    Wine Shopping?

  • See new Wine & Food Matcher, at bottom of page.
  • Try Total Wine Cherry Hill, NJ Save the sales tax. Total Wine Claymont, DE
  • ShopRite Liquors, 3161 Quakerbridge Rd., Mercerville, NJ
  • Gary's Wines Many with free shipping.
  • Glendale Liquors, 4040 Quakerbridge Rd., A good stop for value but no website.
  • I have dealt with Hooked on Wine for years. Wine shipped right to your door.
  • Great stoe in Flemington with some free shipping. Central Wine Mershants.
  • This California company has reasonable prices and ships to PA Brix 26
  • And here Wine Express
  • Good prices but Wine Library, located in Springfield, N.J. now delivers to PA.
  • If you feel you really must. PLCB's Chairmans Selection
  • Need some cheese to go with that wine? The best in the Italian market or delivered at home. DiBruno Bros.
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      2015 Fall Semester  

    Celebrating our 15th on Champagne Night.

                Cheers, Alla Salute, A Votre Sante, Prosit!

            "My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Champagne." --- John Maynard Keynes

           "Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right." --- Mark Twain



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