Central Valley, Paso Robles

An assortment on wines from the Paso Robles area. From a 20+ year old to several mini verticals and one horizontal. Five different varietals plus two Rhone blends.

1995 Martin Bros., Nebbiolo Vecchio, Said to be the best Nebbiolo in Calif. but can it last twenty years.   2001 & 2002 Andrew Murray, Syrah. Grapes from Tous les Jours vineyard in Paso Robles. Both WS-89. (Producing only Rhone Varietals)   2003 Summerwood, Cab. Sauv. (Rhone & Bordeaux Blends)   2004 Four Vines, Zinfandel (Biker Vineyard) (Moved back to Sonoms in 2010)   2004 Turley, Zinfandel (Dusi Vineyard) WA-91 (Planted by Dante Dusi in 1945)   2005, 2006, 2007 Turley, Petite Syrah (Library Vineyard, Napa)2005-WA-94, 2006-WA-93, 2007-WA-92.   2007 Tablas Creek, Espirit de Beaucastle (120 acre, organic) WA95/WA97 (See tech sheets below.)   2010 Tablas Creek, Cotes de Tablas. WA-90.   2012 Broadside, Cab. Sauv. (Margarita Vineyard). PLUS - Two surprise bottles from (Herman Story) 2012 "On the Road", Grenache and a 2012 "Casual Encounters", Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Tannat.

The 1995 Nebbiolo was over the hill, as expected. The two Murray Syrahs were very much alive and the 2001 was drinking quite well. The Summerwood Cab. and the Four Vines Zin. were nothing special. The 2004 Turley "Dusi" Zin. was still a powerhouse. The three Turley Petite Syrahs were the overall favorites. Especially the 2007. The Tablas Creek wines were the 2nd favorites. Although vastly different. The 2012 Broadside Cab. was nothing special. Both of the Herman Story wines were great but still a little young. Anyway one bad bottle out of fourteen, is a good average.

    Dusi Vineyard, 71 year old Zinfandel Vines Library Vineyard, planted between 1880 and 1920.

                                                                              These wines only available from Turley's mailing list.

          Partnership with Perrin family. Vines grafted from Chateau de Beaucastel, Chateauneuf-du-Pape.

As usual tasting will be held at my house.   Tasting will be limited to 15 persons.

Date: Sat. May 21st.     Time 2pm. Price Only $45.

California style delicacies, prepared by Valerie.

  If you reserve a seat, and you cancel within two weeks of the tasting, you will still be responsible for the cost. Unless we have people on the wait list, who can take your place.

                                                      Technical Sheets for Tablas Creek.

                                                      E SPRIT DE BEAUCASTEL 2007

                                                      CôTES DE TABLAS 2010