Arters Family, Christmas 2017 Pollyanna Refrigerator



  • Bunny Terragrossa, would like a Toaster Oven from Bed Bath & Beyond.

  • Joe Terragrossa, would like a Walmart gift card.

  • Debbie Arters, would like a Toaster Oven from Bed Bath & Beyond.

  • Tom Arters, would like a Sony, 2 channel Stereo Receiver (black)

  • Karen Arters, would like a Mark & Hall Tote Bag or Calvin Klein Reversable Tote. (Any color but smoke)

  • Tommy Arters Jr. would like a Quadcopter Red Drone or a Amazon Gift Card

  • Laura Cohen, would like a Echo Dot. and Echo Docking Station.

  • Valerie Clark, would like a Alexa (Grey).

  • Bill Clark, would like a Decourtet XO Cognac or equivalent XO Cognac and a Patron Silver Tequila Available at Total Wine.

  • Kathy Scheid, would like a MICHAEL Michael Kors Belted Walker Coat - Women's Brands - Women - Macy's, Color Ivory size medium.

  • Chris Scheid, would like a Belfry Headliner - plaid pub cap, brown, large ($30-40) and Bottle of Eagle Rare, 10 year Bourbon (should be found in PA, definitely NJ) (about $30) and Bottle of B & B (about $30)

  • Dawn Arters, would like a Crown Vintage Bootie, Color Stone, size 7.5 and Target Womens Robe, Gray, size M/L,

  • Bill Arters, would like a Dicks Sporting Goods, Brooks Men’s Pure Cadence 6 Running Shoes Size 12, (style # 110246 if you need that) $109.99 · 1st color choice: black/silver · 2nd color choice: black/red

  • John Arters, would like a Apple Airpods. John will pay the difference over $100

  • Paul Arters, would like a Hair Cutting Kit. and ankola clearance mens fall winter Cardigan Black 2X and Bonsai Tee Shirt

  • Kelli Burghardt, would like a MARC JACOBS Eau de Toilette

  • Adam Burghardt, would like a Coleman, 4 man tent.

  • Jacquie Shafer, would like a Billabong Hat Sunburnt and 6 qt. Dutch Oven Blue. and Black leather mules with fur from Target (found online or in-store) size 8.5 .

  • Matt Shafer, would like a Sony 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player

  • Lindsay Brewster, would like a Alexa Echo

  • Lauran Terragrossa, would like a Bella Medspa gift card and lavender candle, hand lotion.

  • Nik Pavlov would like a Macy’s gift card, tie, pocket square, tie clip.

  • Grace West, would like a (Not Participating)

  • Stephen West, would like a (Not Participating)

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