Piedmont Tasting


A huge tasting with blind or not comparisons. Sample a over half century old Barolo. Plus a 45 year old Barbaresco. A vertical tasting of Dolcetto. Plus Grignolino. Also some great northern Italian food treats.

Time: 2pm - Date: Sat., Jan. 19th. Tasting fee: $75 to br paid by Jan. 5th.

You may want to sign up for this one early. email me at whclark@comcast.net

As usual tasting will be held at my house. Limited to 16 people.

Piedmont food pairing by Valerie.

I have added a bonus bottle (see below). Just in case one of our older bottles is off.

If you reserve a seat, and you cancel within two weeks of the tasting, you will still be responsible for the cost. Unless we have people on the wait list, who can take your place.


            Can you tell the difference between a Barolo and a Barbaresco? (Watch the film clip.)

                                    Wines made by Since 1881.

Compare a 2009 Barolo and a 2009 Barbaresco.

                            Both Nebbiolo, from the same Winery.

                        Made by the same Enologist and Winemaker. "Paolo Fenocchio"

                    May be tasted blind or not. Your choice.

Compare a 2011 Barolo and a 2011 Barbaresco.

                                          Again Nebbiolo, from the same Winery.

          Made by the same Enologist and Winemaker. "Paolo Fenocchio"

                    May be tasted blind or not. Your choice.

                    Barolo's are known for there longevity. Let's try a 52 year old Riserva.

                    A 1967 Giacomo Borgogno & Figli Barolo Riserva.

                              20ha, est. 1761. Avg. price = $423

92 points James Suckling : This was a fascinating old wine still holding its own. It came from an old cellar and was drunk with company in Hong Kong. It showed dried tobacco and cedar along with dried fruits. On the palate, it was full-bodied and velvety. A great offering for such an old Barolo. (5/2015)

Do Barbaresco's last as long? Let's try a 45 year old sample.

1974 Marchesi di Barolo Barbaresco - A very good vintage with a avg. price $161.

Also a 3 vintage vertical of Dogliani area, Dolcetto. 2014 - 2011 - 2010    

Compare a Barbera d' Asti to a Barbera d' Alba. Is Asti really sweeter?

  Tenuta Santa Caterina - Grignolino d'Asti "Arlandino" 2012

                  #13, Bonus Bottle of 2010 Anzivino, Gattinara.

                  All 13 Bottles.

Barolo's vs Barbaresco's - Favorites - 2009 Barolo and 2011 Barbaresco

1967 Barolo & 1974 Barbaresco - The 52 yr. old Barolo was browning but still drinkable, the Barbaresco was cloudy, slightly acidic but drinking well for it's 45 year age.

Dolcetto Vertical - The 2011 was the overwhelming favorite.

SUPER BONUS AFTER TASTING a 1921 POMMARD / BURGUNDY - Mid shoulder ullage and Maderized but still drinkable at 98 years old.

Some Guests: Some of Valeries great Italian dishes. Italian Cheeses.

Beef brisket in Barolo.     Braised Fennel, Oranges, Olives - Also Roasted eggplant w/10 year old Balsamic Vinegar and Ricotta Cheese.