Bucks County Romeo Club

Now in our 22nd. year.

Founded by Clay Stahl in March, 1996.



                  Members: Bill Clark, Harry Kissig, Clark Shuster, Tom Bartie, Tom Fiumefreddo

            Meeting Tuesday's at various BYOB restaurants, in Lower Bucks County, with craft beers.

            Enjoying, good company, good conversation, good food and good beer.

            We are currently seeking new members. If you are interested, contact

            Bill Clark at whclark@comcast.net.

                  Next Date: After labor day.  

                  Next Restaurant and Location:     Romeo Club will be closed for summer vacation.    


                              Web Site     Menu     Map & Directions   267-752-4895

                  No Byes, Please bring four (0) beers.



                  (3 people - 0 byes, 3 beers each) - (4 people - 1 bye, 4 beers each) - (5 people - 2 byes, 5 beers each) - (6 people, 3 byes, 6 beers each)

                  Romeo Club Rules = NONE         DUES = NONE

                We start with a clink.  

                                                      Restaurant coming up next. ?              




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