Blind Pinot Noir Tasting

                    It was only recently, in the early 1990s, that pinot noir began to be grown in quantity in California, Oregon, Australia and New Zealand. Pinot Noir grows best in cool climates. It is known as an extremely difficult grape to grow and to make into wine.

As usual there will only be room for fourteen guests. Location , My House.

Time 2pm. Date: Sat., May 16th

Believe it or not the favorites were from New Zealand.

All the wines were good. None made the "bucket".

We will explore the different styles of Pinot Noir. From New Zealand to Oregon, California and Burgundy.

  • Option #1: Taste all wines blind and in a mixed order.
  • Option #2: I will furnish you a "cheat sheet", with a list of what wines are in which bags.

    From New Zealand: 2006 Oyster Bay, 2006 Saint Clair, "Vickar's Choice, 2005 Whitehaven

    From Oregon: 2006 Argyle Reserve, 2006 Beaux Freres, 2005 Domaine Drouhin (All Willamette Valley)

    From California 2004 Saintsbury, Carneros Napa, 2004 Hitching Post, "Cork Dancer", Santa Barbara of (Sideway's fame), 2003 Miner, Gary's Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands

    From Burgundy 2002 Nuits St. George "Jadot", 2002 Clos De La Mousse, Beaune, "Bouchard Pere & Fils), 2005 Chambole Musigny, "Drouhin"

    The wines ranged in cost from $25 to $110 each. In the interest of fairness, no Grand Cru Burgundies were used.

    A interesting comparison will be the 2005 Joseph Drouhin of Beaune with his daughter's 2005 in Oregon.