Nov. 14, 2009             Fourteen Guests

As expected everyone prefered the "old style" over the "new style" of Barolo. The standout stars were the 1996 Gaja "Sperss" the 2004 Pio Cesare and the 1985 Prunotto, in that order. None of the wines were bad, not even the older 1978 Pio Cesare Reserva (fantastic nose), or the 1985 Prunotto. I personally did not care for the 2001 Brezza (acidic), the 2001 Corino (aroma and taste of alcohol), the 2004 Terre Di Bo (no nose, fruit forward "Parkerized").

For the future I think I will only buy "old" style Barolo.


Barolo Tasting

The undisputed Wine of Kings and King of Wines.

Comparing the new world and old traditional styles.

From some of the greatest Vintages on record. One over 30 years old.

For a good description of the difference between old and new styles, look here.

More on the Barolo Wars.

Barolo - A 100% pure varietal wine, made with the indigenous Nebbiolo grape. Grown only within a small swath of hilly terrain, in Piedmont, northern Italy. Nebbiolo is tougher to grow than Pinot Noir.

Map of Barolo.

1978 Pio Cesare Riserva - Old Style - A vintage Parker rated 97, tannic.

Cheapest price found on the internet today here. $143.00 + shipping   Elsewhere $199.50.

2004 Pio Cesare ws-94, wa-93 - Old Style- A vintage Parker rated 96, tannic.

Best price on the net here. $79.99 + shipping.   (Rated #6 in Wine Spectators top 100 in 2008)

2004 Terre Di Bo - New Style - A vintage Parker rated 96, tannic.

Price at Joe Canal's here. $24.99 + tax (I just had to throw this in.)

2001 Brezza - New Style - Parker 96, tannic. Price $89.99

2001 Corino Vigneto Arborina, ws-92, st-91 - New Style - Parker 96, tannic. Price $74.99

  2000 Bendi Di Batasiolo, ws-90 - New Style - Parker Vintage 95, tannic. Price $54.99

1985 Prunotto - Old Style Then / New Style Today - ws-92, Parker Vintage 95, ready. Price $144.99 Family sold to Antinori in 1989.   Tasting notes here.

1997 Giuseppe Rinaldi Brunate Le Coste - Classic, Old Style, wa-96, st94 - Parker Vintage 93, early.

Best price on the net here. $174.98

1996 Gaja "Sperss", ws-94 "The King of the Barolo's." - Classic, Old Style - Parker 97, tannic.

Average price $300.

1996 Ca "Rome", Vigna Cerretta - Old Style - Double Magnum (3 Liter) - Parker 97, tannic.

Ca "Rome" facts here. 8,000 bottles produced and only 15 Double Magnums, which were not sold in this country. Best estimate on price of bottle $600.