We have not had a CDP tasting since April of 2009. We are long overdue. Almost all of us buy some form of "GSM" wines for everyday consumtion but we balk at the $50 to $150 price tags on the fantastic Chateauneuf-du-Papes. This may be your last chance to taste these great wines at this price.

Including a two bottle vertical and two bottles from same vintage and domaine but one is veilles vignes.

Plus a bonus bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc.

#1, 2004 Domaine de la Solitude (WA-89), #2, 2004 Domaine du Caillou, "Les Quartz" (WA-92), #3, 2006 Domaine La Barroche, "Terroir" (WS-91), #4, 2007 Perrin & Fils, "Les Sinnards", #5, 2007 Domaine de Beaurenard

#6 & #7, 2007 Domaine Chante Cigale, Same Domaine but Veilles Vignes (WA-95), #8, 2007 Grandes Serres, "La Cour des Papes" (IWC-92), #9, 2009 Domaine Grand Veneur, "Les Origines" (WA-95), #10, 2009 Milliere, Veilles Vignes

#11 & #12, 2011 and 2009 Domaine Jean Deydier & Fils (WS-91)

(Bonus Bottle) 2006 Chapoutier La Bernardine BLANC


The overall favorite was 2007 Domaine Chante Cigale.


As usual tasting will be held at my house.   Tasting will be limited to 15 persons.

Date: Dec. 3rd.     Time 2pm. Price Only $75.

Fee to be paid by Nov. 15th.

South West France style delicacies, prepared by Valerie.

To reserve a seat . e-mail me.

  If you reserve a seat, and you cancel within two weeks of the tasting, you will still be responsible for the cost. Unless we have people on the wait list, who can take your place.


Wine Enthusiast Vintage Chart for our tasting.

2004 (90), 2006 (90), 2007 (96), 2009 (93), 2011 (91)

15 different grape varieties are allowed to be planted in the appellation. The vine density must not be less than 2,500 vines per hectare and cannot exceed 3,000 vines per hectare. Vines must be at least 4 years of age to be included in the wine. Machine harvesting is not allowed in Chateauneuf du Pape. All growers must harvest 100% of their fruit by hand. Vines are allowed to be irrigated no more than twice a year. However, irrigation is only allowed when a vintages is clearly suffering due to a severe drought. If a property wishes to irrigate due to drought, they must apply for permission from the INAO. Any watering must take place before August 15. Chateauneuf du Pape wine must be at least 12.5% alcohol and chaptalization was not allowed. These were the minimum requirements for producers seeking to have their wines sold as Chateauneuf du Pape.

Only 5% of CDP wines are white. The grapes used are: Picpoul and Clairette, as well as Bourboulenc, Grenache Blanc and Roussanne.