Bastille Day 2016

Party held on (July 16, 2016)                    

                                                                                                                Menu Below


                        Valerie will be making Chicken Provencal and her sought after Bitoque "French" Burgers.

                        Not to mention her Escargot Bourguignonne.

                        Foie Gras, Dry cured Saucisson Sec, Chicken Truffle Sausage, French Garlic Sausage

                        Plus a large assortment of fromage. See list below.

                        Plenty of red, white & rose     and   plus

                        We have also added 6 bottles of

                        A limited amount of Sauternes, if you would like to pair it with the Foie Gras.


                        Liste de Fromage: Bleu D'Auvergne, Saint Agur, Chmpignon, 3 Comtois, Saint Angel, Delice de Bourgogne Lincet, P'Tit Basque, Daffinuis Brie Double Creme