Flora Springs Tasting

                                                                              Date: July 31st. Time: 2pm. Location: My House.


                                                    Cabernet Vertical + Meritage Vertial & Sizes

                          First a Vertical of Flora Springs, Rutherford Hillside Reserve, Cabernet Sauvignon

  •                                       2000, 750ml, WS-89, 660 cases produced, Now selling for $90 here.
  •                                       2001, 750ml, WS-91, 660 Cases Produced, Now selling for $100 here.
  •                                       2002, 750ml, WS-94, 660 cases produced, Now selling for $87 here.


                                            A Vertical of Flora Springs, Trilogy, Meritage Style.

                                              A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec.


  • 1998, 750ml, WA-88, 5,000 cases produced. Cost $54 here.
  • 2002, 1,500ml, "Magnum", WS-92, WA-91, 7,700 cases produced. Cost $135. None Available.
  • 2003, 750ml, WS-87, WA-89, 6,200 cases produced. Cost $58 here.
  • 2003, 3,000ml, "Double Magnum". (Compare the ageing of a single bottle to a double Magnum) Cost $260. None Available.
  • 2004, 750ml, WS-79, 4,900 cases produced. Cost $69.95 here.
  • 2005, 750ml, WS-82, WA-93, 5,000 cases produced. Cost $69 here.     2005 tech sheet here.

    For a change of pace, a 2003 Flora Springs, Pope Valley Sangiovese. WS-88, WA-87, 4,000 cases produced. Click logo for Flora Springs website.

    As expected the 2001, was the hands down favorite in the Rutherford Hillside Reserve category. Among the Trilogy's, the 2002 (in Magnum) was the favorite. Also a huge obvious difference could be seen between the 2003, in a 750ml bottle and the 3,000ml. Fifteen bottles total.

    Guest List:

    Lisa & Mark Cantrell, Al & Sharon Decker, Nancy Russell, Dick Demchak, Pat & Clay Stahl, Allison & David Rodgers, Scott & Anna Frymire, Clark & Jane Shuster.