Eastern Mediterranean Tour

  • June 6th to 13th, 2009   Ports of Call: Venice, Italy / Dubrovnik, Croatia / Kusadasi, Ephesus, Turkey / Santorini, Greece / Corfu, Greece / Venice, Italy

                  Splendour of the Seas

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    Our first stop after Dubrovnik was 40 miles up the Dalmation Coast to a 250 yr. old olive oil mill. The mill stones were "pony" powered.


    After sampling local meats, cheeses and wines. We tried the local "Carob" Grappa. Never again.

    Next to Frano Milos Winery for a tasting of local wines. Frano conducting tasting.

    Located in the wine growing hills of Peljesac. 2007 Stagnum Reserve (Plavac Mali), Red, semi sweet, high alcohol.

    Wines ranged from unknown local whites to Plavac Mali to Vin Santo.

    Further south to the walled village of Ston, for more wine. Val with the father of our Zinfandel, Plavic Mali. Made by Napa's Mike Grgic.

    Oysters, everywhere in Crotia.

    Village of Mali Ston. 700 yr. old restaurant w/ bad wines.


    Our personal guide, "Alp".     ?

    Leaving Kusadasi, we head to final home of Virgin Mary.

    On to Ephesus.

    Church and tomb of St. John the Evangelist.

    Storks nesting at Temple of Artemis. Break time.

    Turkish Grenache, Syrah & Cab./Merlot

    Onboard wine tasting.

    Our Master Sommelier. Guess who won the prize.


    Free husband parking. Assyrtiko grape. The wines of Santorini tasted far better than Greek mainland wines. Possibly due to the volcanic soil.


    Old Fort

    Old town. Jacaranda tree in bloom.

    Coastline of Albania in rear.

    Snorkeling It's getting hot in this bar.

    Venice   Sorry to busy drinking for pictures. Been there before.

    Paris   Unexpected side trip.

  • We cruised 2,360 miles on five seas. Adriatic, Ionian, Mediterranean, Aegean, Sea of Crete

  • Facts about the ship.

  • Our bags enjoyed it so much they stayed a extra three days.

    This was the only bottle we brought back. 2006 Grgich, Plavac Mali A 2006 Grgic, Plavac Mali.   Considered a great vintage.